The American Government Supports The Energy Industry Through Large Investments For Research And Development

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The American government supports the energy industry through large investments for research and development.
The stability and corruption of the American government is a debate continuing today. America is viewed as one of the most powerful countries, although it has been weakened in the past. The public view of safety in America varies, as there are thoughts as to whether the American government is a main target of terrorism. America is one of the most competitive countries worldwide, thus making it difficult to have a small business there. However, overall the American government supports the important sectors of the economy in order to create a better future for its nation. Over the years, the American government has helped the
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Continued investment should be encouraged in order to develop the best technology in energy for the future. Continued investment will allow for new and exciting developments that will improve the energy industry in the long run. It will assist the industry in satisfying the growing demand and need for sustainability. There are a number of political and legal factors that are significant to the energy industry. For example, laws and government regulation on energy use could potentially affect the demand for domestic energy and thus lead to a shift in prices. However, with an increase of clean energy use, the demand for energy will not change dramatically due to laws and regulations, instead, the future prosperity of the globe will improve.

Innovation and Technology centres in Houston have great benefits on the energy industry.
By encouraging innovation and technology, Houston brings forward positive changes in a number of factors that benefit the energy industry, including efficiency, productivity, quality and competitiveness. Fitzgerald describes innovation as the ‘ticket to the future’ (Joyner, 2010, pp. 1) It is achieved through brainstorming fast and new ideas, focusing on the big picture, and knowing the needs of the market. The fundamental role of technology, in the energy industry specifically, is achieving great advancements to improve the status of the current industry. This could consist of increasing output, improving effectiveness, or enhancing use. Within
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