The American Health Care System : Do Women 's Health Issues Matter?

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The American Health Care System: Do Women’s Health Issues Matter? It is hard to believe that in a first world country women are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than men because clinical researchers tend to conduct more health studies on men and then release the research to the public claiming that the studies apply to both genders. Sadly, the problem of women not being equally represented as men in clinical studies is a reality in the United States of America and puts women at risk for their health; however the problem can be fixed by creating awareness, incorporating more females in health research, and creating a better, dedicated Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each of the three solutions is necessary as they would…show more content…
Not only do researchers put women in danger, but so does the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has approved many medications that clinical research has said to be effective and then have been known to cause harm to women. What the analysts and the FDA have been allowing is absolutely unacceptable and the easiest way to help remediate the problem would be to create more awareness to females. One of the problems for women who have heart attacks is that it is believed that women usually ignore the fact that they are having a heart attack which delays them to seek care. A complication bigger than that is that women do not really ignore the fact they are having a heart attack, they just do not realize they are having one. Although they may think it, women are not at fault for not seeking care right away when their body goes awry, the health care system is. Women in America are not aware that there is a gender-bias in health research and they do not know that the research that is published does not apply to them. Luckily, there are already people who are alert about the problem and try their hardest to garner women’s attention to inform them. Over the past couple of years organizations have dedicated there time and money to bring awareness to misinformed women that there are major flaws in the health care

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