The American Healthcare System

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“Today, many if not most obstetricians do not attend births: they perform fetal extractions through the vagina or through an abdominal cut.” Faith Gibson (p.37)

As an adult student I have learned to appreciate the peaceful, yet exhilarating moment when my mind engages with an author 's thoughts on a page. To say the least, Born in the USA has been life changing. I treasured the information it provided, the optimism for my choice in profession, and the desire to push our current birthing environments further towards a safe and respectful place. To begin with, I am disheartened by the purposeful rebellion doctors in America possess toward Midwives and informed birth. I have experienced their contempt firsthand and it just strengthens my stance on maternal rights. Page 19 of “Born in the USA” states, “The Reciprocal Natural Childbirth Index” exemplifying the patronizing attitude toward self-education. If the leaders of the American healthcare system are not encouraging education, then what hope is there for anyone to make knowledgeable choices? As Marsden Wagner said, “I also learned much about the profession, including the fact that in every other highly industrialized country, midwives are highly valued health care professionals.” This makes me wonder what are we gaining stifling midwifery care?

In fact, Wagner wrote of a woman who planned a homebirth but was instructed by her midwife to go to the hospital to receive IV fluids for hydration. While receiving care she was
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