The American Higher Education System

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The American higher education system has not be stagnant, over the years it has changed and adjusted to each new circumstance it has encountered (Altbach, Gumport, & Berdahl, 2011, p. 16). The recent downfall of the status of the American economy has not only affected businesses and consumers; it has also affected institutions of higher education. The American higher education system is facing budget shortfalls, decreasing student retention, low graduation rates, and increasing institutional competition.
The resulting financial strains, manifesting in academic years 2009 and 2010, in both public and private institutions of higher education are forcing deep budget cuts, including the deferral of planned capital projects and maintenance,
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As indicated by Bolman, Deal, and NetLibrary (2003), “The challenge of finding the right way to frame our world has become overwhelming in the twenty-first century’s turbulent and roiling times” (p. 5). With new roles emerging as quickly as the changing technology, new leaders will need to adapt fast to help institutions maintain their focus.
The future leaders of higher education must include the following trends for higher education to survive. Leaders must shift to a relationship-oriented leadership style, learning through open engaged teaching approaches, decreasing and reorganizing the administrative inflation to allow for a more essential expenditures. Followed by refocusing their attention back to the main reason higher education is in existence, which is to allow students to achieve a high quality education rather than the best amenities and facilities. “It is tempting to believe that the future is manageable, that an institution can be set on a course that ensures its efficiency, relevance, and importance for the community it will serve” (Cohen & Brawer, 2008, p.401).
Identifying, developing, and retaining great leaders with defined talents that can effectively manage a forceful succession plan are mandatory requirements for organizational growth and success among higher education institutions. “Along with the changing workforce, the accelerated pace
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