The American Holocaust And American Americans

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The American Holocaust has had a major effect on the Native American people, and changed their lives forever. It all begins with the European and Spanish invasion of North America. The European people brought over dieses that the Native American were not exposed too and it caused deaths with in their groups. Also the Europeans brought over more advanced weapons and were able to take over the Native Americans, and this lead to the American Holocaust and shows the effect on the Native American people. These historical events have been used in many Native American stories, and a person is able to see the connections. The American Holocaust was a time that was damaging for the Native American people. It was a time that dealt with the invasion of the Spanish and European people. One aspect that made it a damaging time for the Native Americans, was the lack of weapons that they had compared to the advanced technology of their enemy’s. “Columbus responded with several hundred armed troops, Calvary, and a score or more of trained attack dogs”(Stannard P. 13).This shows the amount of power and money that Columbus had behind him. He was able to get what he needed to win his battles, with either swords or armor, or more attack dogs and more warriors. One of the first discoveries of North American from Europeans was with Columbus. For America’s history, it more widely recognized Columbus, as opposed to the Native American people. This is because the Spanish and Europeans weren’t
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