The American Indians

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Subculture Assignment The American Indians are also known as Native Americans who are present within the United States and comprise varying ethnic groups and tribes and hold distinctive attributes which makes them different from the white Americans who are present in the society of the United States. The immigration to the US started from the 15th century due to which the society of the United States was seen to be holding distinctive tribes and immigrants who formed groups in the US and started achieving recognition in the US society. The American Indians are the people who have been living in the United States well before the time when it got conquered. The American Indians are considered to be simple and creative people who like…show more content…
The American Indians have adopted the quiet nature from their ancestors and they have been taught to keep quiet, hear, observe and memorize the important skills that are required by the society. They mainly focus towards observing the other people and their behaviors and therefore restrict their opinion of their own selves. On the other hand, the American Indians or Native Americans are mostly practical minded and perform their activities according to the experience and the lessons that have been taught by their elders. For the purpose of learning course materials in the educational sector, the American Indians focus towards examples and day to day activities that may guide them well towards their daily lives. The network structure of the American Indian families influences their behavior patterns and therefore their behaviors are influenced by the community in which they roam around. The American Indians normally prefer to hang out in their own communities because by doing so they are able to observe their values and rituals and can therefore practice the teachings of their ancestors in a more accurate manner. They do not like other people to mingle in their circle or in their community and therefore they keep themselves restricted to their own community and traditions. The American Indians prefer the concept of unity in their behaviors and therefore focus towards attaining unity within their
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