The American Industrial Life For The Mass Of Americans By John D. Rockefeller

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Discussion 1: Question 1: When Zinn refers to industrialists like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller as “robber barons” he means that those industrialists are taking all the wealth and privileges for themselves and not sharing them with the rest of the country. When Schweikart and Allen refer to the industrialists as “titans of industry” they mean that they revolutionized the way of their industry and made their products cheaper and better and easier to produce. Question 2: A People’s History of the United States better explains the roles of the industrial elite in late nineteenth-century American history because it’s based purely off fact and it illustrates both the good and bad of the industrial elite at the time. Question 3: Schweikart and Allen and Zinn describe urban-industrial life for the mass of Americans by what they didn’t have and what they were fighting for, not by what they already had. The difference is that Zinn described how bad their lives were while Schweikart and Allen described how the people were trying to change their lives. This shows that although the general idea of how the masses did not have exactly what they wanted, how they went about getting what they wanted is different depending on the source. Question 4: Zinn’s interpretation of late nineteenth-century labor unions and strikes differs from Schweikart and Allen’s by Zinn tells all the bad of the labor unions and strikes while Schweikart and Allen tell all the good of the labor unions and

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