The American Justice System

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The American Justice system, to me, is flawed, but I do not feel that it has been neglected. It is a sad truth that there are so many wrongs that occur in a system of corrections. However, I believe that the Justice System is playing “catch up” with society’s rapid acceleration of growth. In the space of just 10 years there has been: The Legalization of Marijuana, Legalization of Gay Marriage, Terror groups and organizations attacking large cities, Rioting has become more common, for instance in Baltimore and Ferguson and, America has become more polarized. The Justice System just cannot maintain the pace. There are also a few things that negatively impacting it and not assisting at all. For one, social media exploding any attack by a police officer has become almost a social norm and I extremely difficult, if not, impossible to incapacitate legally in today’s world. The Justice System are trying, however, and I feel that it will only be a matter of time before it gains ground on society and maintains order once more. There have been advancements in technology to help speed up the process of court hearings and also catching criminals. New organizations have been created to help stop cyber attacks and make it safer. There have been government subsidies given to the Federal Justice System for higher employment and effectiveness of their task forces. Therefore, I do not believe that it is a case of neglect affecting this country, instead, a negative impact of society’s rapid
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