The American Legal System Of The United States

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The American Legal System
Desiree Brown
Kaplan University

The American Legal System
In the American legal system there are two different areas of government, federal and state; it is called federalism. Together they work to enforce the laws of the United States. Each court system, however, is divided into many different layers. The federal courts have limited jurisdiction as opposed to the state courts that are of general jurisdiction. Federal and state governments are both divided into three different branches, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The written constitutions of the two courts form a system of separate power and checks and balances between the branches.
The federal courts work completely different from the state courts. The federal system is divided into three main levels, the district courts, the circuit courts, and the supreme court of The United States. The main difference for civil cases versus criminal cases is the type of cases that are actually able to be heard within this court system. These courts can only handle cases that have been authorized by the United States Constitution or federal statutes, giving them limited jurisdiction. The federal court is the beginning for any case that rises under federal statutes, treaties, or The Constitution. (Introduction to the Federal Court System, n.d.) The district courts are basically the trial courts. They consist of one United States district judge who is appointed by the president and
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