The American Liberal Democratic Values Essay

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American Liberal Democratic Values I. The definitions of democracy and liberalism Liberalism and democracy are two different concepts, liberalism is a political philosophy which is based on the principle of individual freedom, it calls for guarantees of the rights of the individual, including freedom from arbitrary authority, freedom of religion, the right to own and exchange private property, rights to equal opportunity in health care, education, and employment, and the rights to political participation and representation. While democracy is a set of political procedures involving participation and competition. Most democracies are liberal democracies to some degree. because political participation, competition, and accountability are perhaps the best guarantees that individual freedoms will be preserved, thus the terms "liberal" and "democracy" often go hand in hand. II. Liberal democracy – the U.S. goal U.S. policies aim to boost the spread of liberal democratic values. In the nineteenth century, the U.S. didn’t play an important role in global governance, as the geographical reach of the United States’ political influence expanded, liberal democracy promotion turned into a major part of U.S. foreign policy, the aim of promoting democracy abroad had been a core element in how the United States exercises its international power. “Moral Universalism”, introduced by America’s project of liberalism during the twentieth century, is an ideology based on the liberal
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