The American Loneliness: New Definitions of Friendship in the Silent Era

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The American Loneliness The advent of the “silent era” of friendships via social media accounts has created a totally new definition of friendship and what defines a set of people as friends. Those who are involved in traditional friendships, such as people over the age of 50, find that it has also become quite difficult for them to remain in touch with their friends on a real time level. However, these people do not have the time to spend nor the inclination to learn about the “benefits” of digitized friendships. As such the more advanced in age generation find themselves increasingly lonely as they move on with their lives. As we progress as a society into the 21st century, our method of socializing with one another has began to see changes for both the young and old generation. Most affected by the changes in socialization trends and an aging population is the concept of friendship and its relation to the rapidly increasing sense of loneliness for both the younger and older generation. Regardless of the age difference between the two social brackets the fact remains that both of them find themselves increasingly being enveloped by a serious sense of loneliness. The reasons for the loneliness seeming to vary from the lack of time to personally socialize with one another, thus using digital socialization in its place, or, as in the case of the elderly, their lack of mobility to physically go out and socialize with their friends of the same age. Some of whom either cannot

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