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According to the definition from the American Marketing Association (AMA), a brand is a name, term, sign or combination of them intended to identify goods and services of one or a group of sellers and distinguish it from competitors.
Brands play different roles in the lives of individuals (Ajgaonkar, 2012). But the roles they play depends on the individual (Kardes et. al, 2011), due to the fact that we are not all the same. According to Belk (1988), an individual may use personal possessions such as jewelry or clothing to help define an individual’s sense of self
Levy (1959) and Holam (1981) also support the statement by arguing that clothing has a symbolic attribute, which is used as a form of social interaction. The aim of this essay is to define the roles that brands play in my life and how they contribute to my sense of self. This will be accomplished by drawing on my personal experience with brands and with the support of academic material. To suit the purpose of this essay, I decided to use three brands; Converses, Playstation and Kurt Geiger.

The Brands

Converses is one of the oldest footwear brands. The brand initially produced shoes for basketball players but eventually converted to mass market. Converses portray a tough, masculine appeal that customers would associate with the shoe brand. The brand also falls under the excitement dimension, which portrays, a spirited, imaginative and daring characteristic (Aaker,

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