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Ethan Brittingham The American Musical and Dramatic Academy- New York Group: E4 When I took my first bow on a stage, I knew that wanted to peruse the performing arts as a permanent career. I was so pleased with myself that I finally found a place where I belong. As I have grown as a performer, I have learned that performing is not just reciting lines in front of an audience but creating a picture with words. There is a technique behind acting and many have come to known this as “method”, “method acting”, or the “Stanislavski method”. This method of acting was created by Constantin Stanislavski, born Constantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev, a well-known Russian actor, director, producer and co-founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, which…show more content…
Being open and onstage is a very overwhelming experience, and not something that everyone experiences. Theater began in Ancient Greece with masks movement stylized specifically towards one character. Some styles of theatre may have changed throughout the centuries and countries, but they were still built upon the early Greek life. However, in everyday life, we do not behave in suck a way they Greeks or the Romans did back then. Stanislavski pushed actors to find ways to demonstrate reality while being able to project. Have you ever people-watched at an airport or an event? This idea helped Stanislavski create the next element, Observation. Observation can help an actor shift through different emotions and portray different people. Stanislavski was the ultimate people-watcher. He encouraged his students to observe humans and animals in their everyday life to see how they react around each other as well as daily activities. This not only helps the actor portray these actions on stage, but it also makes the actor more aware of why they are doing the action. After studying pedestrians around him, Stanislavski would often disguise himself as a peasant or an old man, and interact with the citizens of his town to gather their reactions and create a better understanding of humans. Every person is unique. Stanislavski saw this and noticed that every character should have unique traits. Some of which can be created by observing others in their

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