The American National Red Cross Essay

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The American National Red Cross: Financial Management under Congressional and Public Scrutiny Introduction Every America student in grade school learns about the Red Cross symbol, the infamous Clara Barton and her heroic work as the Angel of Battlefield across the globe, and her eventual appointment as president of the American Red Cross (ARC). In 1900, Congress awarded the ARC the first federal charter. In 1905, one year after Clara Barton resigned over scrutiny involving her management styles, the US Congress overhauled the organization’s charter and by-laws (AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS, Petitioner, v. S.G. and A.E., 1992). Today, her legacy can be seen all across the globe as millions of volunteers work to rebuild after national disasters, war, and to help wounded soldiers and global citizens receive medical care, medical supplies, and other humanitarian efforts such as food and water. However, one-hundred years later in 2005 to present, the ARC is once again in the spotlight over financial management scrutiny. It would appear that since 2005 Congressional and public scrutiny has intensified as Congress and the public raise questions about the ARC’s distribution of funds, financial management planning, and oversight of distribution of charitable funds. The purpose of this research paper is three parts; 1) to discuss why the ARC is under congressional and public scrutiny; 2) examine the 2015 Financial Statement including the available financial records, financial
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