The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics Essay

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) is an organization with a strong ethical foundation. Nurses in general are known as an honest and trustworthy profession in the United States. This reputation was created because of nursing organizations like the ANA. In this paper the ANA’s goals are described and tied to their ethical principles. The role and importance of the ANA’s ethical values are explored. A discussion of the ANA’s culture and ethical decision making is described. The ANA’s ethical values and how they support author’s ethical views is explained and last the ANA’s social responsibility to the community.
ANA’s goals and ethical principles
The ANA’s goals are to provide a unified focus of professional, competent, and ethical care
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Nurses should also support and participate in community events promoting the health and well-being, and live by example in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Nurses are Influential to the environment of health care, and looks upon to uphold the moral virtues and values of the organization.
Nurses daily interactions with patients and families, provides them with the opportunity to promote ethical knowledge, and advance skills in at least two forms of personal knowledge. “Because of their position vis-a`-vis patients and families in everyday clinical care, nurses cultivate ethical knowledge of at least two forms: (1) relational knowledge; and (2) embodied knowledge. Through the integration of these forms of knowledge, nurses develop a unique moral perspective and can make a meaningful contribution to the realm of ethics in inter-professional care” (Wright, p 1, 2011).
The code of ethics for nurses serves to provide consistent, clearly defined ethical and moral obligations and responsibilities throughout ANA. Establishing a clearly defined and uniform code of moral virtues and values to adhere to, the ANA can expect universally and uphold the highest expectations, no matter the facility that the nurses may work.
ANA’s role and importance of their ethical values
Nurses apply their moral and ethical training in difficult scenarios within the workplace where leadership and guidance are necessary in the nursing profession.
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