The American Nursing Credentialing Center's Introduction of the Forces of Magnetism

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Applying these fundamentals in health care organizations would help achieving excellence.
On theoretical lines, the Adventist La Grange Hospital has applied the Magnet forces to the organization. It has appointed a nursing leader, and has a nursing management and education department in place. Its written code of conduct reinforces and lays stress on the fundamentals of Magnet forces.

Introduction On practical lines, although the hospital has appointed nursing leaders and is practically active in creating community awareness and education program, in some ways it has failed to remain consistent with all of the forces. For this reason, questions can be raised on retention and support of qualified workforce. Moreover, the Adventist La Grange Hospital is overly dependent on online recruitment. As a result, there is a high chance that the organization will not be able to reach many potential nurses. The organization will have to consider opening other channels for recruitment. The organization will also have to consider the inconsistencies that are present in the organization due to which it has failed to achieve Magnet accreditation .

Organizational Analysis Ever since it has been established, the Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital has been known to provide the best quality health…
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