The American Of A North American Context

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Within a North American context, the narrative of the dysfunctional Aboriginal family is widespread. This image has been produced and reproduced by a variety of structures and institutions. However, what is almost always left out is the appropriate context behind why many Aboriginal families experience certain social conditions that cause them to be framed in this perpetually negative manner. This consideration would factor in a long and impactful legacy of colonialism. Essentially, when European settlers arrived in Canada, they brought along with them a system of beliefs and practices that were foreign to those Indigenous communities within Canada. These practices and values were not only opposite to Indigenous beliefs, but were also extremely disruptive and threatening to the lifestyle Aboriginal families had lived for centuries. Thus, I will explore the ways in which European colonialism marked a community along with the manner in which these effects were able to be sustained until present day. Specifically, I will argue that the Canadian legacy of colonialism is the root cause of the development of toxic familial structures within Aboriginal families, namely those that are patriarchal. Therefore, this paper will the discuss the following sub-issues-the introduction of patriarchy into indigenous society and its intersections with other colonial consequences, such as substance abuse and poverty. Within traditional Aboriginal families and households, women played an
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