The American Of African Americans

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Introduction African Americans were once a target of slavery in the United States. Slavery was abolished with the creation of the 13th Amendment, but after that, came segregation among white people and African Americans. African Americans had to suffer from Jim Crow laws that prevented them from being treated the same as white people. Jim Crow laws lasted for about 80 years until all were abolished. Despite all the difficulties African Americans had to face in the past, African Americans had a huge role in creating history. Many African Americans did so many amazing things that they are considered major leaders today. Some influenced music, some influenced art and literature, some fought for equal say in government, and still others accomplished other things. One such person was Zora Neale Hurston who was an amazing author. African Americans accomplished so many things in the past, and after staying determined and fighting on and on, African Americans earned all the rights that they had been fighting for. They finally got equal voting rights, they got to go to the same schools as white people, they ended Jim Crow laws, and they accomplished so much more that I can’t even list here. One of the biggest accomplishment was the Brown v. Board of education. However, nothing is ever perfect, right? And therefore, despite earning equal rights, African Americans still have to go through a lot of trouble today. They are still segregated against in many ways even today. One of the
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