The American Of American History

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Learning about American history is an extremely fascinating topic. It’s intriguing how our great nation developed and changed throughout history. From wars to treaties, it’s all essential in understanding how our nation has grown to be what it is now. In our ever growing society today, immigrants are migrating to this nation with hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that lead them to live a better and more prosperous life. The United States of America is known as big “melting pot”. This melting pot that they refer to is an integration of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities during the 1980’s. This term came into use in the 1780’s. Multiculturalism has always played a vital role in shaping our society. It is defined as the historical evolution of cultural diversity within a jurisdiction. The jurisdiction being the United States. With this in mind, it is evident that the idea of an American dream did influence immigration over the course of our nation’s history. For any American citizen, living the American Dream is an essential part. It is what they want to be a part of. Citizens feel entitled to live the American Dream because they it’s become so important in this country to become successful. This has been part of American social issues for a very long time and continues to be an issue now, in the present day. American Dream? Well, what exactly is an American dream? Is it an idea? A notion? A thesis? Well, in the simplest form, the American dream is an idea. An idea
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