The American Of Chinese Americans

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Chinese-Americans are a huge group in the Unite State that most of them lived in New Yoke and California. Ever since the California Gold Rush (1848-1855), enormous Chinese went to California for gold digging. After that, more and more Chinese immigrated to the U.S. for work. At first, they worked in the gold mine, and then they went on factories to seek more opportunities, especially garment factory. These Chinese need money for their families which still stay in China and waiting for them. However, this had aroused the resentful of those non-Chinese labors. At 1882, Unite State I have this friendly neighbor live beside my house, so I went to visit them. They have two families live in the same house. The one I am going to interview, he lives with his family. The other family is his sister in law. His name is Michael Zhang and he is 52 years old. I visited him on Wednesday night. When I explain why I visit him, he welcomed me and invited me in to his house. He is just friendly as he is my uncle. Perhaps we are both Chinese living in different country. Xianing: Before we get into the detail of your life experience in the U.S., can you tell me about some of your backgrounds? Michael: Okay. I wasn’t born in the Unite state, but I went here like almost 27 years ago when I was 27-year-old. My grandfather, who is my mother’s father, was already a citizen of the Unite State. He invited my family to go to America. That’s the reason why I came to the Unite State. Oh, I
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