The American Of The British Empire

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In marked contrast to the monarchy and the dispute about the rights of succession and control over the Spanish Empire, the American colonies sought independence from the British monarchy and government. The Americans wanted a completely new government, without a King or any form of monarchy. While the Spanish crisis was one of leadership, connection to other empires, a desire to avoid partition. The American crisis in government came about through the actions of the King, and the colonists questioning the authority of the British Parliament to rule over them.
The American colonies served an important role in the British Empire during the first half of the 1700’s. King George III ascended to the throne in 1760, and took control of the empire and its vast territories. The British Constitution provided for the monarchial rule, and two representative bodies – the House of Lords, and the House of Commons. None of the British colonies had representation in these houses, and this proved to be the issue with the American colonies. The colonies administration technically fell under the Privy Council and Secretary of State. Parliament made policy regarding the colonies, and defined the economic relationship between England and the colonies. Governors acted locally in the King’s name and enforced the laws. The colonies also had their own political institutions in the form of local assemblies, legislatures, and county, city and town governments. Most of the colonies…
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