The American Of The British Empire Essay

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In the British Empire, existed thirteen colonies found between the 1600s and the 1700s on the Atlantic Coast of North America. These thirteen colonies later on combined together into a new nation currently known as the United States of America. Immigrations from Britain and Germany had high growth rates and were all successful and thriving. These colonies had self-governments furthermore to similar political and legal systems. The self-government systems were based mainly on farmers who owned a piece of land and served on local juries. To the British, the American lands were there generally to provide raw materials to Britain and be purchasers of British goods.
The American Revolution rose when the Thirteen American Colonies did not accept monarchy, aristocracy, and refused to follow the authority of Britain. The revolution was a consequence of social, political, and logical transformation in the American Society. Due to those aspects, the Americans had to seek a way to escape the British powers.
When the fight for Independence first started, the main conflict between Britain and the American colonists was particularly caused by the financial reasons of the War. The British were certain that the American colonists were not playing the financial role correctly. Shortly after, the tension elevated and resulted in the enforcement of The Stamp Act, which was a law that obligated every colonist to pay a tax on printed paper that includes official documents, such as bills, and
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