The American Of The Canadian Empire

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Once considered the gem of the Canadian Crown Corporations, Air Canada was afflicted by a storm of financial problems in the early nineties. This onslaught of financial difficulties, which had been created largely by the Gulf War and the Canadian recession, increased Air Canada’s losses increased at worrisome rates. Then, after suffering losses upwards of $218 million in 1991, the Board of Directors recognized the need for a corporate overhaul and consequently appointed Hollis Harris as the Chief Executive Officer the following year. Harris, a 37-year veteran in the highly competitive American airline industry, was given the challenging task of returning the struggling airline to profitability. When he was appointed, many Canadians were outraged that an American would lead a privatized Canadian company and feared this decision to be a step towards the impending Americanization of the Canadian culture. Others’ speculated that Harris was appointed for the sole purpose of training and mentoring Air Canada’s future leader . However, these individuals were all proven wrong when Harris’ transformed the reeling airline into a leading competitor in the global airline industry. His American background, which was condemned by many, played a significant role in the expanding Air Canada’s international reach. His experience in the aviation sector combined with his extraordinary leadership skills, helped reduce costs and placed Air Canada on the path to financial recovery. Finally,
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