The American Of The Spanish American War Essay

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In 1898 the Spanish American War or nicknamed “The Splendid Little War,” began and was short lived lasting roughly four months forever changing our country for the better and the worse. Although the war might have seemed focused on freeing Cuba from Spain and gaining independence for Cuba and the Philippines, it was actually stimulated by nationalism and commercialism. Commercialism was a major factor when declaring war because the United States depended on Cuba and the Philippines for trade and business with other countries, especially in Asia and Latin America. The young nation gained wealth and strength. Other minor motives for the war include the United States coming to the aid of the Cubans in their revolt against Spain and the feeling that the United States had the right to go into the Philippines because it had a superior culture. How could such a “little” war have such a large impact on American society at the turn of the 20th century? Commercialism played the most important role in starting the Spanish American War. The United States needed Cuba and the Philippines because they were considered to be a nation of little international importance and for their essential to trade and business. American business had an investment of about $50 million in Cuba and an annual trade stake of about $100 million. Senator Lodge said that whoever has control of Cuba will be able to control the entire Gulf of Mexico, which was important because Cuba was in the direct line of the

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