The American Of The United States

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When people leave their homes and immigrate to a new country, they are most likely expecting to seek better opportunities and hoping for a better quality of life, but many did not find it. Parents immigrating into the U.S. bring their children hoping their children will find a better education. However during the 1930’s it backfired; predominantly Mexicans coming into the U.S. dealt with harsh stereotypes and weren’t welcomed with open arms. During the 1930’s the racial remarks on Mexicans began to grow. Mexican Children in the U.S during the 1940’s who stood to obtain an education were looked down upon. The teachers told the Hispanic students that they were not capable of obtaining a college level education, but to only graduate with a high school diploma. The attempt for children to believe in themselves was undoubtedly tough. Despite the hardships that were present, there were people trying to make a change to the school system and give all the students an equal opportunity. Teacher Sal Castro helped make a big turnaround into changing America’s history. Sal Castro had done everything in his power by trying to open people’s eyes and having the public know how the students were being treated. Castro devoted his life to making changes to the education system and giving the students the opportunity to succeed. The outcome was astonishing, it was truly one of Castro’s biggest accomplishments and it was worth every fight he encountered. In the early 1900’s Mexicans…
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