The American Of The United States Essay

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When the American colonies declared themselves independent from on their mother country, Britain, on July 4, 1776, they sought to devise a plan to govern themselves without the constraints that had been imposed on them leading to their detachment. Prominent leaders in the thirteen colonies worked together to strike the perfect balance between the rights of the federal government and the rights of the states. On June 12, 1776, a committee was formed to put together a document that would bring together the states in the form of a confederation. Within the committee, John Dickinson was chosen to head the committee. Dickinson had begun his political career in 1760 when he served as the speaker of the Three Lower Counties in Delaware. Starting in 1965, Dickinson used his journalism skills to assist in the rebellion against Great Britain. His most famous work took place from 1767 to 1768, which was a series of newspaper articles, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania published in the Pennsylvania Chronicle. His articles protested taxation policies enforced by the British government, but insisted that he preferred a peaceful solution over going to war with military world power. In 1771, Dickinson wrote a petition on behalf of the Pennsylvania legislature, which was unanimously approved, to King George III, suggesting a compromise in the interest that both parties could avoid a drawn out war. Unfortunately, Dickinson’s civil form of protesting caused the public to lose interest in

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