The American Of The United States

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Throughout history the government has given the American people a sense of security with many different areas of regulation. This all started from the beginning of the United States, what the people fought for during the American Revolution. That war was fought to gain independence from England because the people were tired of being oppressed by the British government. Now a days people in the United States can pretty much do as they please with no worry of something bad happening to them and no body watching or really caring about what other people do. With this sense of security comes a sense of privacy we have this image of nobody watching and nobody listening to us go about our everyday lives. The question that has now been brought to…show more content…
Technological advances are infringing on the people’s privacy because of how easily the privacy of other people can be accessed through these technological advances. One of the biggest questions being asked today is if our own government is spying on us using these new technologies. There has been though that the government has been doing so for the past decades but few years the topic has been really brought to light with all of the terrible things going on throughout the world and in our own country. One of the most popular acquisitions that the government is taking is the idea that they are engaging in economic espionage. The NSA has been accused of this and through the past year have denied the acquisitions. Though this is not invading directly on the privacy of the public people what this is saying is that there is the potential for the government to access our personal privacy in many different ways. If they are able to gain access to probably some of the most private information on other countries economics that are more than likely protected with much higher security than that of our own personal email accounts than what can they really see about us.
“After that categorical statement to the Post, the NSA was
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