The American Of The United States

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The United States has always been a progressive nation from its start in the 1700s and eventual revolution against the British. After a rocky start as an independent nation, the U.S. began to expand create its own laws and ideas of democracy as well as trade throughout the world. Much of this intercultural trading and exploration of Manifest Destiny allowed the U.S. to grow economically, culturally, physically, and politically. Emerging as one of the more powerful nations, the U.S. became a bright new prospect for a better life, and many immigrants came into the United States. New York for example, was populated by the Dutch. Indentured servants also came to work as they envisioned a new life. Eventually when they were released, they built…show more content…
Immigrant desire to reinvent themselves caused so much friction against Americans that it shaped early American culture for the better. After defending the colonies for many years, the British felt that they were allowed to tax Americans to make up for it. Many acts and taxes, including the Stamp Act, caused the colonists to rebel. Eventually, the Declaration of Independence was written, uniting the American people against their British oppressors and causing the revolutionary era to begin. A new nation was born along with the American Revolution. As the colonies grew, immigration from all parts of the world came to establish their claim. Many indentured servants came and would eventually start their own farms, creating ethnic enclaves. Although in the beginning, there was mainly English colonists settling in the United States, it soon became extremely diverse, especially in the North. New York was established by the Dutch, who called the area New Amsterdam and specialized in the fur trade. American Creole slaves created their own sense of hierachy in an attempt to create a sense of importance from the oppression of their slave masters. Benjamin Franklin was afraid new immigration principles would affect new nation. By having different European ideas come to the U.S., the U.S. benefited from immigrants despite skepticism. Also, many territories and cities became established because of immigrants. People started to form political ideas about slavery and
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