The American Of The United States

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The United States has always been a progressive nation from its start in the 1700s and eventual revolution against the British. After a rocky start as an independent nation, the U.S. began to expand create its own laws and ideas of democracy as well as trade throughout the world. Much of this intercultural trading and exploration of Manifest Destiny allowed the U.S. to grow economically, culturally, physically, and politically. Emerging as one of the more powerful nations, the U.S. became a bright new prospect for a better life, and many immigrants came into the United States. New York for example, was populated by the Dutch. Indentured servants also came to work as they envisioned a new life. Eventually when they were released, they built their own futures. Slaves were also imported from places throughout the world, mostly Africa. Later, the Irish Potato Famine caused millions of Irish immigrants to come to the U.S., which started Irish newspapers in the United States. Massive amounts of job-hungry families came to the U.S. to get jobs. Although America was touted as a land of tolerance and prosperity, during the Civil War prejudices grew against immigrants. Heightened tensions between the North and the South caused further disunity. Many states began to start passing laws dealing with immigration. As the years passed, cities and skyscrapers popped up everywhere. The influx of workers led to lots of buildings and the urbanization rate became four times greater than during

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