The American Of The United States

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Onyx Finn
Katherine Jackson
History 121
04 March 2015
The 1800s From 1819 to about 1839 many events took place in the United States. The Panic of 1819, this was the very first financial crisis in the United States. This caused many banks to close and many people to go into debt. The Monroe Doctrine was a document stating that the United States did not want the Europeans interfering with American affairs. The Jacksonian Democracy, Andrew Jackson wanted the Europeans to stop further colonization. The Indian Removal Act which eventually led to the Trail of Tears, forced Indians to move west of the Mississippi. Urbanization which led to the changes in technology, politics, communication, and sanitary conditions. These are only a select few things that happened during those twenty years.
The Panic of 1819 was the first major financial crisis in the United States following the war of 1812. During this time banks everywhere in the country were failing. This was causing unemployment and most of all foreclosure, forcing people out of their homes and away from their farms. Prices began decreasing rapidly causing the agricultural and manufactural businesses to become the epitome of unemployment. As stated in the article Panic of 1819, “The primary cause of the misery seems to have been a change toward more conservative credit policies by the Second Bank of the United States. The Panic of 1819 was part of a new worldwide financial crisis but the inept management of the Second Bank of…
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