The American Of The White Americans Essay

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The strong will of the white Americans lead to many different races of people changing their ideas because of what was being exerted on them. In dealing with the other races Americans had many opposed views and different ideas for their cultures and also their sufficiency of self-government. Americans in the nineteenth century used domestic policy to culturally deprive the newly freed slaves and the American Indians, then in the early twentieth century Americans used newly gained power and foreign policy to help and rule over the Philippines and the people who inhabited there. America is no stranger to imposing their own ideas onto other people and even other places. Slaves once freed really were not free at all. Many things still inhibited them into starting their own independent lives. White Americans were a big one, the placement of black codes, negative perceptions of the Freedman’s Bureau and just the view of African Americans in general all prohibited black slaves to live their lives the way they wanted to. Rather they were required to live how the white men wanted them to live. The Americans had the attitude of being above and better than the African Americans, their negativity and deprivation of blacks led to America being unable to progress for a long while. Document 12.9 in Archive 12 is a perfect example of the way the blacks were viewed at this time. On the ground is a black man who is holding a flag which symbolizes that he is patriotic and proud to be an

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