The American Painting And Sculptors Exhibition From The El Paso Art Museum

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The piece that was chosen was a cast bronze sculptor called “Mantime” in the American Painting and Sculptors exhibition from the El Paso Art Museum. This piece was created by Harry Geffert in 1995. Geffert is an American sculptor who was born in Live Oak County, Texas in 1934. As of today he lives and works at Crowely, Texas. Geffert has a Master degree from New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico and a Bachelor’s degree in South West Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Harry Geffert is mostly known for his sculptors; and continues to create them as of today. (Worley, 2011)
The Mantime is captivating and interesting to view. The whole sculptor is made of bronze; which I find very impressive that one can add much details to the work. The sculptor is large in size. But the idea that Geffert try to demonstrate is far beyond my comprehension. For one, this is the first time which I heard of Geffert and see his work. Yet, the idea I take a way from this sculptor is based on the small figures presented.
The orbs, come in different sizes 2 small and 1 large size; these orbs may represent as Mother Nature. Then come along the complimentary features of nature itself. The trees, flowers and plants, along with the multiple little people figurines around the environment. I would assume based on the so called planet and the little people; I would guess that Geffert’s artwork may represent domination or conquer around the globe. Granted the…
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