The American Paradox By Michael Pollan

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Food is important in everyday life as it is a human necessity. In today’s society, some people are focused on eating at specific times, while others eat whenever they feel the need to. The question is: “Which view is correct?” The answer lies in the reader’s view on food and culture. Two articles, which includes “The American Paradox” by Michael Pollan and “Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner” by Kiera Butler presents two different views. These views are extremely important because it suggests America’s traditional and untraditional methods of eating, which might ultimately reveal an idea of obesity or human health. According to “The American Paradox” by Michael Pollan, he states that there is something wrong with how Americans think about eating today. He claims that Americans are more focused on listening to confusing and contradictory dietary advice about healthy eating from nutritionists, food marketers and journalists that people are neglecting the food from their culture(s). Pollan’s belief is that even though Americans are so focused on healthy eating and getting the right nutrients, America still is a country with high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Pollan calls this the American paradox, in contrast to what American nutritionists call the French paradox, where the French, “who blithely eat beef and cheese and drink red wine,” or cultural food, are living healthier than Americans. This shows that there is something wrong with the
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