The American Paradox

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In today’s mass media, it is quiet common for advertisers to assimilate class into their commercials. These advertisements portray a certain level of elegance because of the sophisticated choice to use classical background music and thick European accents. On the contrary, other advertisers take the common-folk approach by structure these commercials around the western concept. Both of these advertising tactics supports an American paradox. As argued in Jack Solomon’s “Master of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising”, the contradiction lies in the desire to strive above the crowd and the quest for social equality. The American dream glamorizes the fantasy of equality where each American citizen experience the characteristics…show more content…
Of course, there is a high number of Americans who are not involved in the city lifestyle for many live in suburbs and small towns. In this commercial, the city has the man familiar surrounding and it provided him with a sense of beauty in which he is able to call his own. Because his home is such a fulfillment, he is capable of sharing this with the women. As for many American citizens, their area in which they live in significant to them for it is part of who they are. There is quiet the paradox in the particular advertisement as well. This particular commercial has fine classical music as its choice of background music that is played throughout the whole commercial. The woman character in this commercial possesses such a high level of success because the audience can definitely infer that she reached a great length of fame. The woman is a form of celebrity because the paparazzi constantly want to take her picture. With such a height of fame, it is quiet obvious that she is very successful and there lies a hint of high social status. The advertisers have reached an extreme form of social success for celebrities receive exclusive opportunities that no ordinary citizens can pursue. The celebrity lifestyle is an exclusive one; therefore, the advertisers of this perfume have exploited that high social class brilliantly. Overall, this commercial portrays this woman a high level of class because she has
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