The American Political Journey

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This chapter interprets the American Political journey since revolution. Hartz (1991), uses this term ‘liberal tradition’ to explain American Creed, an agreement in U.S on political beliefs. Hartz (1991), says that American history led to an unusual uniformity, the history that didn’t challenge that liberal tradition. However, this often blinds Americans into policy alternatives, creates difficulties in understanding other societies without dominance of liberal tradition and increases fears of disharmony in society and ideas from foreign. According to Smith (1993), ascriptive hierarchy refers to a society with some groups at the top and others below. Those on top deserve all benefits and rights of liberal tradition but those below do not. Smith…show more content…
He believes that for us to get to know the constitution and the debate on its interpretation, it is important that we focus on the American institutionalism history. The Americans framed the constitution to be used as a means of delegating power from the sovereign citizens to both the appointed and elected agents. He recommends the fact that the states drafted state constitutions as opposed to temporally governments. He also acknowledges the fact that the state governments as well as the constitution are easily and often rewritten than the national constitution. Kammen (1986),argues that the durability and the simplicity of the constitution lies on the persistent need to compromise between conflicting interests among people as well as the common ground existing over principles that protect personal liberty, civic virtue of protecting the power of the citizens and the emphases on the republican type of government ( Kammen, 1986). According to Rauch (1995), democracies should thwart the government from interfering with the basic liberties and as well play a role in the protection as well as the bolstering of the citizen’s rights. With the use of free speech to base and support his arguments, Rauch posits that speech should never be regulated by the government as it is only through the flow of the speech that the prejudice can be challenged and
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