The American Political System Is The Most Effective Constitution

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The American Political system is broken, however, that is not to say it is not effective. The American Constitution is the most effective constitution ever. “The American Republic is an unprecedented political organization. It has no parallel or exemplar in history” (Jackson). The system is currently going through some difficulties, as with everything change is hard and comes slowly, this requires patience and tolerance. The American Political System has some flaws, but it is built to work through flaws. The three branches are designed to check and balance each other which allows for flaws to smooth out over time. The system is composed of people with opposing views trying to work through major domestic issues, as well as keeping the country safe. Todays society wants instant gratification and when this is not obtained the system can look broken, but given time The American Political system eventually works itself out because, “every nations has the government it deserves”. (Maistre) Todays government is made up of two powerful parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, and a less influential third party, Independents. The biggest reason the system seems to be broken is because the people within the parties don’t seem to agree on much. This is normally ok because through discourse disagreements can be ironed out, but the two major parties do not seem to want to compromise with each. This creates the gridlock on many issues we see today. Why would chosen leaders choose
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