The American Public Policy Process

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The American public policy process is a system that consists of laws, regulatory measures, action items, and funding priorities controlled by the elected representatives. The public policy process system that is in place within the federal government was developed within the framework of the United States Constitution and those with special interests. Within the current system of policy process utilized by the federal government America’s affluent community holds the greatest interests. Over the past 220 years the federal government has fallen to an oligarchy control. An oligarchy is a form of power structure used within governments in which the power effectively remains in control with a small group of people. These people within the power structure may have wealth, family ties, education, corporate ties, or military control. However, throughout the course of history oligarchy are only identified by tyrannical governments that oppress their citizens. Within the United States this level of control is hidden and allows the society to believe they have freedoms and equality.

The American democracy and dream is an illusion. No longer do the citizens govern the laws, regulatory measures, action items, and funding priorities of society. Over the course of history public policy issues have sought limited input and feedback from the citizens and only assessed based on binary opinion polls. Powerful special interest funded by the social elite supported these policy changes while…
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