The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009 ( Arra )

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Under the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA, or the Stimulus Act”), certain eligible providers are eligible for financial incentives for following and documenting “meaningful use” of a certified electronic medical record system. According to the HRSA, “in July 2010, the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published a final rule which established three phases of the EHR Incentive Program. The three stages of Meaningful Use are designed to support eligible professionals and hospitals with implementing and using EHRs in a meaningful way to help improve the quality and safety of the nation’s healthcare system.” The end point here is not that having an electronic medical record will allow for a…show more content…
Organizations will have these incentives and programs in place that will seek to improve the over all health of Americans along with the performance of our health care system. “Meaningful Use” through the use of the electronic medical records system will have five areas that they will be focusing on to do just that. These goals consist of; • Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care while reducing disparities • Engage patients and families in their own care • Promote public and population health • Improve care coordination • Promote the privacy and security of patient information. When it comes to the reporting of objectives and measures for “meaningful use,” the main set of items providers and organization will report are known as “objectives and Measures.” The objectives are broad policy goals based on high priority health outcomes that are thought to be achieved through “meaningful use – such as e-prescribing. The measures are the actual criteria that providers and organization are required to meet to realize that objective. These objectives and measures that are provided to the providers and organizations are broken down into two major parts, “core” objectives and “menu” objectives. The “core” objectives are a list of fifteen items which all organizations/providers will have to attest on. Then the
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