The American Red Cross Audit

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(his email is By March 8 identify a particular company that your group wants to audit. Research this company and industry in which it operates. Develop an understanding of the basic operation of the company and its position in the industry. Identify and document any challenges that the industry is experiencing. Prepare and submit (on March 8, 2016) a five to seven page summary of the Company, its operations and specific business challenges and risks. Include a discussion of how you would factor in industry and company challenges when developing your audit strategy.

American Red Cross Audit Intro Sample.
The American Red Cross is a nonprofit humanitarian organization (501(c) (3) Public Charity) that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and health or disaster related education in the United States of America. This organization operates to provide care and assistance to those in need. Its main goal is to create a network of people who share a compassionate mission to prevent and relieve suffering to those who are local to the U.S. as well as worldwide through five important categories. The five categories are disaster relief, supporting America’s military families, lifesaving blood, international services, and health and safety services. Through disaster relief, the Red Cross responds to various types of emergencies that range from house fires to earthquakes that affect thousands of people each year. The Red Cross is not affiliated as a
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