The American Revolution : A Revolution Of Equality

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The American Revolution is claimed to be a revolution of equality. The founding fathers and all those who fought for this cause believed that all men were created equal. Some of the founding fathers especially the Northerners believed that the African Negro who were enslaved in the United States were also entitled to be treated as equal as everyone but this never meant they were citizens because neither the naturalization act of 1790 and 1795 made them citizens of the United States. This meant they were still considered aliens. The reminder that the Negro Africans were still aliens was made by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of the Supreme Court. In fact the constitution never made the African Negro citizens until the Naturalization act of 1870. The fact that the constitution did not make a clear pact for the Negro Africans to become citizens in America made it difficult for the abolishment of slavery nationally. Most Southerners or slave holders believed that the Negro Africans were not equal with the Whites. Some even used the bible to explain and defend the institution of slavery. The institution of slavery was the backbone of the southern economy with the emergence of cotton gin which made it even more profitable. Slaves could no longer be imported into the country and so southerners looked for every means they could to sustain the institution of slavery. This meant the south will be against any policy that was geared towards abolishing or restriction Slavery. The Missouri
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