The American Revolution And The Civil War

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Hello Mom I know I haven’t sent you a letter in the past but I figured now was better then ever. I am finishing up a my semester in my religion class and there is a lot I want to share with you. Between the American Revolution in 1776 and the Civil War in 1840 a lot changed in American religion. There are three major religious movements during that time period I would love to tell you about, they are, the birth Shakers and the Pleasant Hill Community, the birth of Mormons with Joseph Smith, and the story of “How the American Revolution Agreed to Differ over Religion”. I hope you find these topics as important and interesting as I do. In 1774 Mother Ann Lee founded a utopian society in Europe, later to be known as Shakers (Shaker Presentation). Immediately after her founding she moved to America in order to escape religious persecution. Once in America the large religious market place gave the Shakers the opportunity to expand. By 1823 the religious movement had grown dramatical with 18 to 21 communities and 4000 to 5000 members. During this time 3 members left a community in New York in hopes to start a new community, they acquired three followers during there travels and one had a farm in Pleasant Hill Kentucky, in 1806 a total of 44 members started a new Shaker community there. By 1823 it had grown to the third largest Shaker community with 491 members and over 4500 acres. The Pleasant Hill community and all Shakers follow several religious ideas fairly unique for
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