The American Revolution And The War For Independence

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The year 1775 marked the beginning of the American Revolution or, to the colonists, “The War for Independence.” The American Revolution did not happen by itself but past conflicts such as the seven years war provoked the future event of the American Revolution. The seven year war was fought between the Thirteen Colonies and the French Empire as well as Native American allies, over territory in America. Before the seven year war, the British government proposed the colonists to pay for protection and also for a royal leader. After the seven year war King George changed the proposal to being required for every colonist to pay taxes because of the debt that British was in. The British Crown passed many laws without representation from colonists, which led colonists to question the king’s authority. As a result, historians argue that the American Revolution was based on economics. More significant causes of the American Revolution were politics, culture, and religion. Politics were a significant cause because the colonist disliked the rules and regulations of the Charter that the King established. Culture also caused the Revolution due to the rational thinking of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment gave the colonist the thought of self governing instead of being under the royal leader. Finally, Religion also impacted the American Revolution because Religion contributed the idea that the church should voice their opinion on government decisions over the colonies. Americans
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