The American Revolution And The War Of Independence

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Many people are aware of the different aspects of the American Revolution and the war of Independence, especially consisting of the people directly involved within the Americas. Of course the people of the colonies were involved because they were the main participant in the war and the British were involved because that is who the colonies were fighting to gain independence from. The Indians were involved in a minor way, mainly on the British side. The African Americans also played a part in helping the Americans. The French also played a role among the side of the Americans. As these many different types of people participated in the revolution directly there was also a ripple effect of events that followed the American war for independence. One part of the American Revolution that is not discussed quite as much is this sequence of events that occurred after the war. The events and the partaking’s of the war for independence, along with the reasons behind the war and the outcome, spurred other places to take similar action, specifically in the Atlantic World. The events of the American Revolution and the war for independence also affected the Atlantic World. Yes, the colonies are a part of this but there were more parties involved. The victory of the American people awakened a drive and a desire for independence and something like what they were creating within what was now America. One specifically was the French. The French were American allies so they did have a role…
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