The American Revolution And The War Of Independence

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The American Revolution, also known as the U.S. War of Independence, goes back to 1765-1783. One of the major effects of the American Revolution was that the colonies became recognized as independent. It was now separated from Great Britain. France joined in and became our allies and helped the colonies in 1778. Since France joined the war, they turned a civil war into an international war. There were a lot of causes that led up to the beginning and the end of the war.
There was a lot of causes that led up to the American Revolution. The main cause that triggered the war was the ongoing tension between Great Britain and the Colonies.The British constantly trying to raise revenue by taxing the colonies. They placed a lot acts, known as the
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After the Boston Massacre a group of colonial delegates met in Philadelphia in September 1774 to give their opinion to the delegates against the British Rule. The delegates were George Washington of Virginia, John and Samuel Adams of Massachusetts, Patrick Henry of Virginia and John Jay of New York. The meeting was called the Continental Congress. That meeting wasn 't very successful of getting their independence. So they had another meeting called the Second Continental Congress.
The Second Continental Congress was also held in Pennsylvania. It was more successful, up until Andrew Jackson. With three new additions Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Washington. On June 7, the first major revolutionary war, known as the Battle of Bunker Hill.Which ended in British victory. The war gave encouragement to the cause of the revolution. Washington tried to contain the british in boston,The British left the city in March 1776, leaving to Canada to prepare a major invasion on New York.
By June 1776, with the Revolutionary War was moving fast, a lot of the colonists had come to favor and want independence from Britain. On July 4, the Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence. That same month Britain decided to send 34,000 more troops to New York. Howe’s troops were fighting with the Continental Army in Long Island. Washington was forced to evacuate his troops from New York City by
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