The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was one of the most important battles in history. It led to the Declaration of Independence and the freedom of America from the British. No one can really say what the exact cause of the Revolution was, but there were many important social, cultural, political and economic causes that led up to the war. I believe one of the main economic reasons the Americans wanted to become free from the British and start the Revolution, was because of all the taxes the British imposed. In an anonymous account of the Boston Massacre printed by Order of the Town of Boston and found in, the person retelling what occurred started off by saying, “[…] a happy union subsisted between Great Britain and the colonies. This was unfortunately interrupted by the Stamp Act; but it was in some measure restored by the repeal of it. It was again interrupted by other acts of parliament for taxing America; […]”. This anonymous person believed everyone was at peace and everything was completely fine until the British decided to add taxes to unnecessary things just to pay off the debt caused by the French and Indian war. The new taxes on everyday things made the colonies feel different from the British and that is not how it was supposed to be. They American colonies were supposed to feel equal to people in Great Britain but how could they if the people in Great Britain were not being unfairly taxed like they were. From a timeline acquired from and
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