The American Revolution Of The United States

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Throughout the history of these great United States of America, the country has always possessed something truly unique: the fundamental principle of being for and by the people. This dynamic has lasted throughout the 241 year history of the United States being an independent nation. Whether it was the American Revolution led by George Washington, the Louisiana Purchase of Thomas Jefferson, the freeing of the slaves by Abraham Lincoln, or even through the grimmer times of the Great Depression, we have always remained strong due to great leadership (“The history of the United States,” 2016). However, as time has passed, both major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, have become increasingly polarized in their conquest for power. This remains true to this day, as the United States is in the midst of its current presidential election cycle, with the ultimate goal of a strong 45th President of the United States of America. This election cycle has greater ramifications than ever before, as the two major parties have reached the two extremes: extreme left-wing liberalism and major right-wing conservatism. These two polar opposites have led to the increasingly divided United States population (Gentzkow, 2016). Without the proper guidance under a strong leader, our stretch as the greatest superpower on the planet Earth may come crumbling down to the ground. This poses the important questions of what traits across the American political spectrum influences leadership, and
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