The American Revolution Of The United States

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Since the birth of the United States, there have been ideals at the core of the nation encouraging it to keep progressing. Infact, these ideals where the motivation for the colonies to become independent from Britain. Before the American Revolution, England had total control over the colonies. This allowed the king of England at this time, King George III, to take advantage of the colonies. The king imposed unfair laws onto the colonies such as the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts and the Intolerable Act. With each of these acts made and enforced, the colonists felt that they were being ruled unjustly. To explain how they knew King George was treating them unfairly, the colonists agreed on certain ideals to be a guideline for how a government should be run. The ideals they decided upon where, Liberty, Democracy, Rights, Equality, and Opportunity. In order to take control of their government and rule with these ideals at the core of it, the colonists rebelled against England. This revolution is now known as the American Revolution, and is the reason the US is an independent country. During class, we looked at a couple of the most influential articles of writing made at this time and decided which of the American ideals it best embodied These document where Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, and a Massachusetts slave petition called Denouncing Contradictions. The goals of each of these documents, was to convince the intended audience to
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