The American Revolution

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The American Revolution heralded the birth of a new country which by virtue of its founding fathers made all people equal and guaranteed certain very important freedom to all. Despite all this the founding fathers of the new country felt that their ideals were not incorporated into what they dreamt of the country. The United states of America is a democracy as exhibits all features of a democracy but is limited in scope as it is a Republic . The limits of the American democracy was the limits of liberty, freedom, independence and resistance to tyranny. In contrast to the idealism of the Revolution, the freedom granted by the Constitution remained limited for many years following the Revolution. Women could not vote, nor could half a million slaves or over a hundred thousand Native Americans. Slavery and racial segregation remained a political and cultural fault line. The issues that prevented the salves from being included were due to the representation of the federalists. They felt that if the slaves were brought in, it would cause disunity and would bring in discontent hence the slaves were left out. After independence there was a civil war and a rebellion in the south which led to slaves being made a part of society and so the uprising in the South led to acceptance. Gerrymandering is another important delimits of democracy because people cannot choose to vote for the same geography in subsequent elections .The practice of manipulating the
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