The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was undeniably the most pivotal time period in respect to United States History, but who was really to blame for initiating the conflict? While both the British politicians and American colonists shared the blame for the kindling of the revolution, one party was certainly more at fault than the other: the British. Through short-term causes of taxation and incommodious trade acts, and long-term causes of salutary neglect and involvement in the burdensome French & Indian War, the British politicians proved to ultimately be the most responsible for igniting the Revolutionary War. The long-term causes of the war, salutary neglect and involvement in the French & Indian War, worked hand in hand and proved to be arguably the most influential of American independence. The term “salutary neglect” refers to the unofficial policy that Britain had with the colonists in the 17th & 18th centuries: British laws were not enforced in the colonies, so Americans learned to care for and govern themselves. This was especially prevalent when governing bodies like the House of Burgesses in Virginia were created as a means of government. But as the colonists adapted to live on their own, certain ideas became widespread throughout the land; these ideas in turn led to The Great Awakening and The Enlightenment. In The Great Awakening, colonists began to split from the Church of England and form their own Christian denominations as a revival of religion swept the colonies.
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