The American Revolution

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The topic of the American Revolution is a topic that has been discussed on multiple levels and is extremely well-known, especially within the United States. The details are a little on the generic and basic side but it is at least understood on some level. Most people are aware of the American standpoint, the what, why, how, and when, but there is much more depth to what occurred. The war was obviously between the Americas and the Mother country of Britain, but there were more than just those two parties involved in the war. More people had a stake in the matter. They had many things to gain and just as many, or possible even more to lose. The French played a role in helping the colonists win the revolution but another underrated group of people in the war were the Indians. Another well-known fact is the land issue between the Americans and the Natives. The Americans were constantly butting heads with the Indians and pushing for more land. During the revolution the Natives chose the side of the British for the most part, and as all know, were on the losing side. Would it have mattered in the land issues if they had chosen differently, or would the same outcome have eventually happened? In all honesty, maybe over a longer time frame, the land would have eventually still ended up in the hands of the Americans. The war for the Native Americans was going on long before the colonists decided to fight for their rights and eventually their independence from Britain. There was
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