The American Revolution : Popular Culture Essay

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Jocelyn Lopez Professor Scott Keys History 111 December 14, 2016 The American Revolution: Popular culture One of the most critical components that helped define the American Revolution was the convergence of political and economic rights into one setting. The American Revolution was a political uprising that took place between the years of 1765 and 1783. It was at this time that thirteen colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrowing the authority of Great Britain in order to create the United States of America. The article Societal Impacts of the American Revolution stated that, “a strong compelling case could be made which displays how the American Revolution was fought on the grounds for expanding political rights.” This can be seen in the Colonists ' notions of being free and living a life where they could be active agents of their own narratives. At the same time, the meaning of the Revolution can be seen as an articulation of the colonists ' economic rights. The convergence of freedom became a critical element in understanding the meaning for the American Revolution. The era of the American Revolution changed America because it led to the establishment of a free independent nation. Through popular culture, America was able to expand their economic market, break free of Britain and overall grow into a strong new nation. Popular culture during this time of expansion included: colonial merchants, reading (due to invention of the printing press),
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